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We are the largest importer of CN sports Prototype Race Cars in the US 

20 FC

Sport Car​​​​​​​

Category: CN (FIA)

Hill Climb & Circuit

Length: from 4.350 to 4.750 mm

Width: 1.880 mm

Wheelbase: from 2,600 to 2,760 mm

Engine: 3,000cc Max.

Power: from 250 to 850 CV


Since 2011, the NORMA M20 FC has been the incontestable star of the CN category, both on the racetrack and in hill climbs. With more than 70 national and international titles (including a double title at the FIA European Hill Climb Championship in 2014 and 2015 with Italian driversection, Simone Faggioli), the M20 FC 2016 is the latest member of the M20 family, and the product of Norma’s outstanding expertise, always benefitting from the particular attention of its Design Office. The M20 FC offers its drivers, from amateurs to the most experienced, an unparalleled driving experience and a level of performance envied by competitors all over. It also provides Norma’s teams with a reliable, easy to operate car for both the racetracks and hill climbs.



Length: 4,600mm

Width: 1,900mm

Height: 1,070

Wheelbase: 2,940

OZ forged magnesium wheels:

Diameter: 13’’

Front width: 9’’ – 10.35’’

Rear width: 11’’ – 14.2’’





6 speed sequential gearbox

Paddle shift

Brakes: AP Racing

4 piston calliper

Steel floating disks: AV 280 x 18 – AR 280 x 18


Double wishbone, pushrod – rocker

3 track shock absorber/Adjustable anti-roll bar

3rdfront and rear adjustable part

Engines :(example) :

1.2 L Turbo: 400 cv

2 L CN: 260 cv

2 L E2SC: 320 cv

V8 3.000cc: 500 cv

V8 BMW 4 L: 500 cv

2 L Turbo: 850 cv